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Vidyut Jamwal in Thuppakki

GenreAction, Thriller
Released on13th November 2012
DirectorA.R. Murugadoss
Music DirectorHarris Jayaraj

Kajal Agarwal

Vidyut Jamwal



Zakir Hussain

                   Thuppakki is one of the most successful movies in Tamilnadu in the year 2012. In this action packed movie Vijay plays as captain of Indian army who returns to his home from Kashmir for vacation. One day Jagdish (Vijay) witnesses a bomb blast in a bus, which was planted by a terrorist group. With the help of his friends in army he stops few similar attacks and kills twelve terrorists in the process.
                  Vidyut Jamwal who plays the terrorist group leader gets annoyed by Jagdish's thwarting their attacks, targets people close to Jagdish. The film ends with Jagdish tracking the terrorists and killing them.
                   Vidyut Jamwal did commendable job in the movie and has become the most sought after actor in Southern film industry.
                   Vidyut Jamwal has been nominated for 
The Best Supporting Actor in 60th Film Fare Awards South, 
Best Villain in 7th Vijay Awards,
The Best Actor in Negative Role in 2nd South Indian International Awards,
The Best Villain for 4rth Edison Awards
The Best Actor in Negative role for Chennai Times Film Awards
 for the role he played in Thuppakki.
To find more about Vidyut Jamwal's Awards Nominations Click here

Vidyut Jamwal in Billa 2

Vidyut Jamwal image in Billa 2
Dons have never been so Charismatic

MovieBilla 2
Released on13th July 2012
DirectorChakri Tholeti
ProducerSuresh Balaje
Music DirectorYuvan Shankar Raja
CastingAjith Kumar

Vidyut Jamwal

Sudhanshu Pandey

Manoj K Jayan

Parvathi Omanakuttan

Yuvan Shankar Raja

                   Billa 2, starring Ajith Kumar is a thriller story of an ordinary refugee from Srilanka,who becomes undesputed international Don in the crime world. David Billa utilizes each and every opportunity that has come in his path towards becoming don, growing step by step. He does various activities like smuggling goods, selling drugs, selling arms etc, to grow and strengthen their criminal network. In the process Billa comes across Dimitri (Vidyut Jamwal), a Russian Mafia don who asks Billa's help to retrieve and transport arms consignment. Billa successfully transports it which impresses Dimitri.
                  As the business continues, Billa's hold on underground mafia in India increases and he raises to an undisputed mafia don in the region. After this Billa refuses to transport arms consignment for commission as he used to do before. Instead he asks for partnership which angers Dimitri.
                 Dimitri then conspires along with few politicians and others to eliminate Billa. The movie ends with Billa chasing the conspirators and killing all of them and atlast Dimitri himself.
                 Vidyut Jamwal has justified his role as mafia don. His acting was good and impressive. With this film he bagged lot of other offers as Villain. Vidyut Jamwal also became very popular, particularly in  Tamilnadu. And currently Vidyut Jamwal is one among the most desirable men in Tamilnadu as per surveys.
                  Just like David Billa raises step by step in the movie, our bad guy (Vidyut Jamwal) raised step by step from villain to the most desirable man and then to inspiring hero.

Commando 2

             After the success of the film Commando, the movie surely deserves a sequel. The success and reviews received for Commando inspired the producer Vipul Shah for a sequel and team is all set for Commando 2. Currently, Vipul Shah is busy with his film Namaste London sequel. After completing the movie, the ace producer is planning for this project.

              The highlight of Commando 2 is that Akshay Kumar would be guiding Vidyut Jamwal on the stunts and action sequences in in the film. Also the leading actress in Commando, Pooja Chopra was asked to watch some movies and prepare for the movie Commando 2.

Stanley ka Dabba

Movie Stanley Ka Dabba
Release Date13th May 2011
DirectorAmole Gupte
ProducerAmole Gupte
Music DirectorHitesh Sonik
LyricsAmole Gupte
CastingDivya Dutta

Partho Gupte

Divya Jagdale

Amole Gupte

Vidyut Jamwal

                  The movie is about a school student who works at a restaurant. Because he cant afford lunch, he never takes lunch to his school. The story revolves around how makes up different stories when asked about his lunch, how the students tease him, his friends support him and how he wins a competition with the support of his friend and English teacher Miss Rosy. Vidyut Jamwal's role is not so important character in the movie. He shares little screen space. Vidyut Jamwal plays fiance to Rosy Miss (Divya Dutta).

Vidyut Jamwal in Commando

Movie Commando
GenreAction, Thriller
Released on12th April 2013
DirectorDilip Ghosh
ProducerVipul Shah
Musis DirectorMannan Shaah
LyricsMayur Puri
CastingVidyut Jamwal

Pooja Chopra

Jaideep Ahlawat

                  Vidyut Jamwal's first movie as solo lead actor, Commando is a huge hit at the box office. Initially the movie got mixed response and slowly picked up with the audience. Thanks to the producer Vipul Shah, who has identified the talent in Vidyut Jamwal while they were working in Force.
Movie Plot

                  Vidyut Jamwal plays as Karanveer Dogra, a commando officer in the Indian Army. During a regular training the chopper in which they are traveling crashes into Chinese border. Vidyut Jamwal alone survives the crash and will be detained by the Chinese army. The Chinese army suspects him to be Indian spy and tortures him. Karan escapes from Chinese army through the hill areas and forests of Himachal Pradesh.Karan crosses the punjab border and comes across a girl who's being harassed by local criminal, Amrit Singh. In a bid to help her from the criminal, the fight becomes personal between karan and Amrit Singh (Jaideep Ahlawat).
                    There are terrific fights and stunts in the film and Vidyut Jamwal impressed the  audience and critics with stunning feats through out the movie. As the title is set, the movie is clearly a one man show.

Vidyut Jamwal in Shakti

Vidyut Jamwal in Shakti
Intense Looks - Vidyut Jamwal in Shakti as Villain

Original MovieShakti
Hindi VersionShakti - Ek Tha Soldier
GenreFantasy, Action, Thriller
Released on1st April 2011
DirectorMeher Ramesh
ProducerAshwini Datt C
Music DirectorMani Sharma
Vidyut Jamwal's RoleVillain
Other CastingN.T.R Jr

Ileana D'Cruz

S.P. Bala Subramaniam


Jackie Shroff

Sonu Sood

Pooja Bedi

Prabhu Ganesan

Movie Plot

                   The movie revolves around the virtual Maha Shakthi Peetham which is supposed to be the controlling force behind the 18 Shakthi peethams. With this backdrop, the film consists of three group of characters, The Egyptians kings who are power hungry, mafia don who wants to become the richest in the world and Prabhu and his family who were guardians of the Maha Shakthi Peetham, Jwalamukhi and Rudrasulam which were mystical powerful belongings of the Maha peetham.
                  The Egyptian rulers want to grab the Jwalamukhi and Rudrasulam to destroy the Maha Shakthi Peetham and raise their powerful dead mummies, their ancestors. In this regard, they deal with Jackie, the mafia don who was in possession of Rudrasulam but in vain. The story comes down to how the hero, a NSG commando, outplays the other two rival groups and protects of Maha Shakthi Peetham.    

Vidyut Jamwal's Role

                   Vidyut Jamwal acted as one of the villains in the movie. He acted as intense, sharp, very powerful and ruthless killer who chases down the powerful diamond belonging to the Shakti peetham. His encounters with the hero were pictured well. He has displayed a very little of his parkour skills in the scene, where he walks on the wall to over take Prabhu and his family for grabbing the diamond. His fighting skills were portrayed while his final encounter with the hero where he will be killed. Though this movie is not the best portrayal of Vidyut Jamwal's martial art skills, it is at least better in terms of screen presence offered to him comparing to his previous films. Vidyut Jamwal has justified the role offered to him and lived up to the mark.

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Vidyut Jamwal in Oosaravelli

Vidyut Jamwal Playing Don in Osaravelli

GenreRomantic, Action, Comedy
Released on6th October 2011
DirectorSurender Reddy
ProducerBhogavalli Prasad
StoryVakkantham Vamsi
MusicDevi Sri Prasad
StarringN.T.Ramarao Jr.

Tamanna Bhatia

Prakash Raj

Vidyut Jamwal

                   It has to be mentioned that the director has not used Vidyut Jamwal up to his caliber. The movie has Prakash Raj in main villain role. Vidyut Jamwal plays the role of gangster Irfan Bhai. Though Vidyut Jamwal is not provided enough screen presence in the film oosaravelli, he manages to justify and impress in the time provided. He scored well with the telugu audience in terms of action, appearance. Vidyut Jamwal got very good recognition with the movie and has bagged villain roles bigger in bigger projects after this movie.

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Vidyut Jamwal Awards and Nominations

                    Vidyut Jamwal, the new sensation in bollywood not only taken the audiences, industry experts and box office records by storm but impressed the critics. Vidyut Jamwal, with just 2 movies in bollywood had not just won recognition and appreciations but also won several nominations. The nominations were from most prestigious awards in Indian cinema like Film Fare, International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) and Stardust for categories like Best Debut Male Actor, Best performance in negative role for the film Force. While the nominations and awards for the movie Commando are yet to come.

Bollywood Awards and Nominations

Award From
YearAward CategoryFilmResult
IIFA                                 2012Best Male DebutForceWon
IIFA 2012Best Performance in Negative RoleForceNominated
Film Fare2012Best Debut - MaleForceWon
Stardust2012Break Through Supporting PerformanceForceWon

Award Speech

             After winning the award Best debut Male, for Force, Vidyut Jamwal stated that he got everything he had wished for. Everybody who comes to Mumbai wishes that he get a movie chance first, once they get the break, they wish their movie must be a success and then they expect an award for their work. Just like anybody else, Vidyut also had these wishes and he's lucky enough to get his wishes fulfilled. He also said that he is lucky to get to work with good producer and good director in his initial films.

             Vidyut Jamwal who has no god father in the industry has grown on his own skills and hard work. It is a dream come true for anyone with out any film background to get such a good launching and early recognition.

South Film Nominations

               The following are the nominations Vidyut Jamwal has bagged for his role in Thuppakki.

Award From
Award Category
South Indian International Awards
Best Actor in Negative Role
7th Vijay Awards 
Best Villain
60th Film Fare Awards, South
Best Supporting Actor
4th Edison Awards
Best Villain
Chennai Times Film Awards
Best Actor in Negative Role

Vidyut Jamwal in Force

Vidyut Jamwal in Force Movie
Vidyut Jamwal fighting John Abraham in the movie Force

Vidyut Jamwal in movie Force
GenreAction Thriller
Released on30 th Spetembet 2011
Original MovieKaakha Kaakha (Tamil)
DirectorNishikanth Kamath
ProducerVipul Shah
Role TypeVillain
Music DirectorHarris Jayaraj & Lalit Pandit
LyricsJaved Akhtar
CastJohn Abraham (Leading role/ Hero)

Genelia D' Souza

Vidyut Jamwal (Villain)

Raj Babbar

Mohnish Behl

Movie Plot

                   John Abraham(Yashvardhan) who is a IPS officer in Anti narcotics department, is a firm believer that in order to eradicate crime, criminals have to be eradicated. He believes that the only way to do that is to encounter them rather than arresting them. In a crack down against a drug mafia, Yashvardhan comes across a ruthless, violent enemy who want to destroy anybody who disturbs his drug mafia activities. Vidyut Jamwal (Vishnu) played antagonist role who challenges Yashvardhan
                   On the other side, Genelia D'Souza plays Maya, love interest of Yashvardhan. Yashvardhan leads a lonely life until Maya enters his life. Maya is an independent women who changes Yashvardhan's life completely. In a fight between Yashvardhan and Vishnu the story comes down to a stage where Vishnu kidnaps Maya and shoots Yashvardhan. However Yash survives the attack and chases down.
                   The story is extremely gripping and director and done well. The film has made 260 million as per box office records.


                   Vidyut Jamwal who has been selected among 500 others actor, who were considered to play the role of Vishnu, impressed the audience and critics with his amazing stunts and commendable acting skills. The stunts he has done and the action sequences between John Abraham and Vidyut Jamwal are the high lights of the movie. Vidyut Jamwal has undergone intense physical training to match the hype against John Abraham.
                   For the role of Vishnu in Force, Vidyut Jamwal has received awards for Best Debut Male award from IIFA, Best Debut Male from Film Fare and Break Through Supporting Performance Award from Stardust. Vidyut Jamwal is also nominated for Best Performance in Negative role for Force.

To know more about Awards & Nominations received by Vidyut Jamwal visit the section Vidyut Jamwal's Awards & Nominations                  
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