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Vidyut Jamwal's intensive training at Georgia

Vidyut Jamwal training at Georgia
Vidyut Jamwal - True student of Martial arts

              Vidyut Jamwal's dedication, passion and determination to the martial arts is well known. Very frequently we were used to seeing Vidyut Jamwal taking different training performing adventures and exploring various opportunities to improvise himself on screen as well as off screen. But this time, Vidyut Jamwal has taken his passion to new level. Let us find what it is.

              Recently, Vidyut Jamwal has spent 3 weeks at special physical training center in Georgia, which provides a solitary training environment. This training camp is a private and secret army training facility that trains the commandos of Georgian and Russian armies.  This is the same training camp that has trained two hundred US army troops in the year 2002 to enhance their counter-terrorism capabilities. Vidyut Jamwal is believed to be taking specific outdoor training  as preparation for his upcoming film in which he plays the lead role.

             The special training routine is known to be one of the toughest in the world that comprises of strength training, free running and altitude training along with grappling, mountain running and endurance training with minimal food intake.

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