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Vidyut Jamwal visits Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Temple, Mount Song
            The new action star of bollywood, Vidyut Jamwal is in the news for visiting China. Vidyut Jamwal has visited Shaolin Temple, the place where famous Kalaripayattu master Bodhidharma has taught martial arts to Chinese. Though Kalaripayattu Martial art is born in India, it has thrived and flourished more in China. Shaolin temple is considered as the capital of world martial arts. Shaolin temple is the most sacred place for martial arts learners around the world.

           Vidyut Jamwal is has taken part in training camp meant for martial art experts. He has trained for a week in closed environment. The purpose of the visit is not only to enhance his skills but also to commemorate the great master Bodhidharma. It is well known that, Vidyut Jamwal has already announced his interest in starting Kalaripayattu training school in India.

                  It's really good to know that Vidyut Jamwal who has started learning Kalaripayattu at the age of 3 years, and is still enthusiastic and dedicated in upgrading himself his martial skill level to the next level, even at the age of 32 years!! truly deserves appreciation.

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