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Vidyut Jamwal visits Indian Army

Vidyut Jamwal visits Army
Still from Commando

                Vidyut Jamwal visited the army training center at Benaras, 39 GTC, during the promotion of the film Commando. The army officers and trainers briefed Vidyut Jamwal on various strategies used by the soldiers to defend themselves or while preparing for an attack.
               Vidyut himself indulged in their rigorous training and executed all the 26 obstacle training activities which soldiers perform during their training. The 26 obstacles include walking the Burma Bridge, rope climbing, rock climbing etc. The highlight is that Vidyut Jamwal completed all the 26 acts within a very short time.

                The Major present during the session was very much impressed by Vidyut Jamwal's stamina and endurance. The soldiers present at the training camp were also impressed. The soldiers were quite happy for Vidyut Jamwal's visit. Usually civilians are not permitted to enter the training camp. But Vidyut Jamwal's father was in the Indian army before and hence he could manage to get permissions for the visit. Vidyut Jamwal wanted to witness the training as his role in the movie Commando is an army officer.

               Vidyut Jamwal said, "The welcome I got from the Gorkha regiment in Benaras was fantastic. They hugged me and my team mates and told us how much they liked the trailer and action sequences of Commando. I am very humbled by their feedback. The soldiers are the real action heroes!"  



  1. All you do.. Is think about you sir.... Miss you too sir...

  2. U are just mind blowing,sir. I always declared you everywhere as my favourite hero.