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Vidyut Jamwal to perform Kalaripayattu at Texas

            Recently, Vidyut Jamwal received invitation from the international film festival dedicated to  action, Sci-Fi and thriller pictures in  America. Vidyut Jamwal had truly grabbed attention internationally through his dare devil stunts and action sequences in his recent movie Commando.

            Vidyut Jamwal has been invited to participate in one of the biggest US based action and Sci-Fi film festival - The Fantastic Fest which will be held in Texas from Sept 19 - 26, 2013.

            Vidyut Jamwal's action showcase in his movies and the quality of the stunt design is making waves and attracting lot of attention from the international media. The international media were all talking on how India has found its Next Generation action hero, in the form of Vidyut Jamwal, whose vision and abilities in action surpasses all of his contemporaries

                   Vidyut Jamwal has revived Kalaripayattu - the mother of all forms of martial arts on the globe. The International film fest invited Vidyut Jamwal to perform on Kalaripayattu and to represent India.

                   Vidyut Jamwal is thrilled with the invitation to the largest film festival where films like Apocalypto, There Will Be Blood,  Zombieland, City of Ember etc have premiered,  and  great stars Bill Pullman, Mel Gibson, Paul Rudd, Bill Murray, Darren Aronofsky, Mike Judge, etc., have taken part. 

                   Vidyut Jamwal felt that Internationally, audiences always enjoyed watching action films of Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and he's so glad that he has been invited to represent India.


  1. jj89
    love you with all my heart

  2. I♥u soooooooo much. You are rocking. Because of u I got interest in martial arts and you are my action king and my dream boy.

  3. Hi I am Mahesh,
    I really adore your physical and mental fitness which is why i have started exercising and meditating as well.
    It is my earnest request to you to come to Pune,Maharashtra and show your martial art and motivate the people
    I have heard that you have started martial academy in mumbai. I request you to start a similar academy in pune