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Vidyut Jamwal on Rajni Kanth

Rajni Kanth

Rajni Kanth And Vidyut Jamwal, what do these two name have in common?

                It is well known fact that Rajni Kanth is the most popular star and the most respected star in India. But many don't know that Rajni Kanth started his career with negative roles and not as a hero. Today, even the biggest of the stars like Amithab Bachan, Sharukh Khan, Salman Khan openly declared that they respect Rajni Kanth. Shahrukh Khan has shown his fondness of Rajni Kanth in his movies Ra One and Chennai Express. Join the bandwagon of those star fans of Rajni Kanth, recently Vidyut Jamwal has revealed that he is also a fan of Rajni Kanth. 

                 In a recent interview to DC, Vidyut Jamwal discussed several aspects about Kollywood. Vidyut Jamwal shares his experiences while acting with Ajith in Billa 2, Vijay in Thuppakki. He said that Ajith is charming and is always fun to act with him. Vidyut Jamwal also mentioned that Rajni Kanth is his favorite hero and an inspiration. His dream is to work with Rajni Kanth. He also mentioned that Rajni Kanth has started acting career as a villain like him and has grown to Super Stardom which inspires him the most.
                   Let us hope that Vidyut Jamwal's dream to act with Rajni Kanth fulfilled and more importantly that he would also taste the success like Rajni Kanth.

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