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Vidyut Jamwal in Shakti

Vidyut Jamwal in Shakti
Intense Looks - Vidyut Jamwal in Shakti as Villain

Original MovieShakti
Hindi VersionShakti - Ek Tha Soldier
GenreFantasy, Action, Thriller
Released on1st April 2011
DirectorMeher Ramesh
ProducerAshwini Datt C
Music DirectorMani Sharma
Vidyut Jamwal's RoleVillain
Other CastingN.T.R Jr

Ileana D'Cruz

S.P. Bala Subramaniam


Jackie Shroff

Sonu Sood

Pooja Bedi

Prabhu Ganesan

Movie Plot

                   The movie revolves around the virtual Maha Shakthi Peetham which is supposed to be the controlling force behind the 18 Shakthi peethams. With this backdrop, the film consists of three group of characters, The Egyptians kings who are power hungry, mafia don who wants to become the richest in the world and Prabhu and his family who were guardians of the Maha Shakthi Peetham, Jwalamukhi and Rudrasulam which were mystical powerful belongings of the Maha peetham.
                  The Egyptian rulers want to grab the Jwalamukhi and Rudrasulam to destroy the Maha Shakthi Peetham and raise their powerful dead mummies, their ancestors. In this regard, they deal with Jackie, the mafia don who was in possession of Rudrasulam but in vain. The story comes down to how the hero, a NSG commando, outplays the other two rival groups and protects of Maha Shakthi Peetham.    

Vidyut Jamwal's Role

                   Vidyut Jamwal acted as one of the villains in the movie. He acted as intense, sharp, very powerful and ruthless killer who chases down the powerful diamond belonging to the Shakti peetham. His encounters with the hero were pictured well. He has displayed a very little of his parkour skills in the scene, where he walks on the wall to over take Prabhu and his family for grabbing the diamond. His fighting skills were portrayed while his final encounter with the hero where he will be killed. Though this movie is not the best portrayal of Vidyut Jamwal's martial art skills, it is at least better in terms of screen presence offered to him comparing to his previous films. Vidyut Jamwal has justified the role offered to him and lived up to the mark.

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