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Commando 2

             After the success of the film Commando, the movie surely deserves a sequel. The success and reviews received for Commando inspired the producer Vipul Shah for a sequel and team is all set for Commando 2. Currently, Vipul Shah is busy with his film Namaste London sequel. After completing the movie, the ace producer is planning for this project.

              The highlight of Commando 2 is that Akshay Kumar would be guiding Vidyut Jamwal on the stunts and action sequences in in the film. Also the leading actress in Commando, Pooja Chopra was asked to watch some movies and prepare for the movie Commando 2.


  1. hero vidyut jamwal hi huna chahiye nahin tou film flop samjho.

  2. hero vidyut jamwal huna chahiye akshy huwa tou film flop hi samjho vipal shah sub..............

  3. waiting for commando -2 eagerly.... as I hv already seen commando more than 10 times........

  4. Shooting starts on command2? Slow but pretty excited with expectation.

  5. we only want vidyut. jamwal.

  6. Respected sir
    I personally request you for informing me the institution where you have learnt kalaripayattu or any other institution outside India from where you have learnt martial arts.I am looking forward to acting right now but also will to look forward to martial arts. Plzzzz's a must.

  7. I also want Vidyut Jamwal for commando 2 as hero.