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Vidyut Jamwal's Workout Plan


Vidyut Jamwal Workout Plan
Vidyut Jamwal - Martial Arts Action Hero
             Several billion dollar questions every fan is asking these days.., in every body building enthusiast's  mind What is the secret of Vidyut Jamwal's body building ? What is Vidyut Jamwal's workout plan that gave him stunning body? How many hours do Vidyut Jamwal train daily? etc.,. So here are the secrets revealed..

            Vidyut Jamwal does not spend much time at Gym. Surprised??? What you read is right! Vidyut Jamwal does not follow most tried and tested methods but follows his own methodology of physical training. He only uses the gym for strength training. And that too only 3 or 4 times a week! Vidyut Jamwal's gym workouts mostly focuses on shoulder and legs.

Shocking revelation! Isn't  it? Now if he's not a gym person as he says, what must be his workout plan that has given him stunning body?

For these queries Vidyut Jamwal says that his fitness mantra is practicing martial arts, gymnastics and parkour regularly.

Here are the complete details..

No. of hours: Vidyut Jamwal trains daily minimum of 6 hours and maximum 8 hours.

Timings: The training times are usually between morning 6 to 11 a.m. and from 5 p.m to 9 p.m in the evening. 

Now comes the main question...

Trains in What ? Vidyut Jamwal has revealed that he practices a unique mix of martial arts daily. 

Kalaripayattu - The ancient Indian Martial Art form which is practiced in Kerala. Kalaripayattu is also claimed to be the mother of all martial arts in the world. The origins of Kalaripayattu are traced to 3000 years back. Also it is said that there are several references to "The Kalaripayattu" in "The Vedas" which proves how old the roots of this martial arts are! The martial art Kalaripayattu has great history. It was this martial art which Buddhist Guru Bodhidharma of South India took to China. He introduced a new fighting method called Kempo from which Kung Fu and Karate originated. One thing that Vidyut Jamwal must be appreciated for is because of him most of the youngsters are searching for and querying to learn Kalaripayattu - the art which has been under estimated and neglected before. Hats-off Vidyut Jamwal for that!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Wondering why I mentioned Brazilian specifically? There is another martial art called Jujutsu from Japan, a martial art consisting of striking and grappling techniques. But the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a combat sport focused on ground grappling technique which is most commonly used in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competitions. Jiu Jitsu training is extremely hard and is one of the best martial art existing today.

Gymnastics - You dont need an introduction to gymnastics I guess! And if you have seen the movie Commando, you dont even need to be said how good this guy is at performing impressive gymnastics and awesome stunts.

Parkour(PK) - If you have never hear about this discipline..Parkour is a holistic training given to the military to move swiftly and efficiently through the battlefield overcoming any obstacle they come across. The main objective of Parkour is speed and accurately using walls, big rocks, trees or any object that block their movement to accelerate their speed. The training focuses on several aspects like having a good eye to the environment, how to use their own bodies and the objects around to propel their speed by running, jumping, climbing, rolling, hanging, swinging, vaulting, quadrupedal movements and several moves. This is often practiced as playful sport in many countries.

Vidyut Jamwal is versatile when it comes to martial arts and workout. However Vidyut Jamwal revealed that he owes his fitness to Kalaripayattu training, which he started at a very young age. According to him, kalaripayattu is the foundation to his entire physical training regime.


  1. Many thanks for your ideas, here! I'm ramping up my workouts.
    I take advantage of totally free weights and machines, three times each week.
    I also do cardio, three days a week!
    I'm getting form of "stuck" or hitting
    that wall.
    I'm going to attempt your three month plan
    and find out if I can get via! I need to take my workout to the next level!
    Swift query,
    what do you know about "work down sets?" You need to do your normal reps and sets.

    Then, you take bodyweight off, do another established.
    You hold likely this way.

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  2. how long it takes a man to learn kalloripaiyttu..?

  3. Vidyut Sir ...
    I Am Deadly Fan Of Yours !
    I follow Your All workout plan .
    Thanks For Giving Us ...

    I want Only 1 Pic With U ...

  4. Vidyut Sir ...
    I Am Deadly Big Fan Of Yours ..
    I Follow Your All Workout Plans .
    Thanks For Giving Us Tips .

    And Sir plz I Want One Photograph With You.
    If It Is Posible ...



  5. You are real Bollywood action Hero.

  6. Vidhyut Sir,

    I am one of your biggest fan, I start link you from Force.

    may people loves you for the all the Martial Arts Skill you showed in commando, But I liked you in Force because of your acting skills.

    One of the best Negative Role I have seen for a Long time.

    You completely took all the attention away from John who also is a good actor. Considering the movie was about him and his body but you did an excellent job. You strike terror from your eyes in Force
    I have watched Force multiple times and still keep watching just because of you.

    In commando you redefined action, First time I felt while watching movie that One man can fight with 100 people.
    I also watched Bullet Raja just for you. Little disappointed as your role in that movie was very less ( Special Appearance )

    I watched both of your movies in theatre and will do it always.

    You are the next big superstar and Allah Bless you.


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    Master! i have no word,
    Everything is visible,no need to search.

  8. Master,
    i have no word,
    Everything in visible,no need to show or search....
    waiting for your answer.

  9. Stardom is going to take place in your crown sir.....
    May god bless you...........

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  12. Hi Vidyut,

    Being a vegetarian u have build such incredible physique and u have made me proude that a vegan person that can also build body like u.


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  14. You R Real Hero In the World (Spider Man). Evrey Stunt Is Very Risky & Denger.Main Ap ki Tharha Banna Chahati Hu. Ky Ap Mujhy Trenth Karogy.Plese Sir Give Me One Chance. Asish-09002830420

  15. guy is awesome finally we got a prabhu deva of our age iwould say better than that

  16. Sir which is the best school for learning kalaripayattu pls guide

  17. Sir which is the best school for learning kalaripayattu pls guide