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Vidyut Jamwal's Training Philosophy

Vidyut Jamwal Workout Plan Philosophy
Vidyut Jamwal Training Philosophy

                  Vidyut Jamwal proves a point when it comes to body building. In order to be a successful body builder, first of all you need to have a healthy mindset and philosophy which disciplines you to reach your maximum potential. Hitting the gym and working hard alone does not alone give results, if you lack proper perspective and understanding over your body, its metabolism, and wisdom related to your body. Let us see what's the philosophy of Vidyut Jamwal.
            According to Vidyut Jamwal, one has to understand his body. He feels that the body has its own wisdom and if one wants to fine tune it, then one must workout and indulge in adequate fitness regime. He believes one religiously do any physical activity with love.. it can be anything like badminton,swimming or kickboxing, they will surely stay fit.
            Unlike most actors who claim they workout for long hours.. Vidyut Jamwal is not a gym person. The role of gym is only partial in his training. His gym time table is pretty normal. He trains only 3 or 4 days a week. He focuses on strength training and particularly concentrates on shoulders and legs at gym. He designed his own workout plan which includes a fusion of several martial arts like Kalaripayattu, Jiu Jitsu with Gymnastics and Parkour. Vidyut Jamwal depends on martial arts but not pure exercises to stay fit. For Vidyut Jamwal, staying fit and agile is more important than anything else. He subscribes to lean mass and does not believe in bulking up. He makes a statement that one has to take up the physical activity they love most and weave a workout plan around it rather than chasing a workout plan that several others had tried and tested.
            In his own words, Vidyut Jamwal mentioned that Being fat is not sin. Being fat and fit is better than being thin and unfit. He says that looks has nothing to do with fitness whether fat or thin one must focus on being healthy.

             Also along with a right approach and planning, you need to have right company or a team to keep yourself motivated all the time. Unlike several others, Vidyut Jamwal likes to train with a team of friends who share the same passion with him. His eight friends, whom Vidyut calls them buddies, are from different backgrounds but have the same dream.. that is to stay fit and craft their bodies. Few of them were his friends from the kerala ashram known from the age of 3 years. All of them daily train as a team for five to six hours. Their mainly focus on agility, performance and endurance while training.

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