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Vidyut Jamwal's Profile

Vidyut Jamwal's - New Sensation of Bollywood Vidyut Jamwal's Profile in brief Date of Birth 10th December 1980 Age 3...
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Vidyut Jamwal's rock climbing Argentina

Vidyut Jamwal - rock climbing at Argentina              Vidyut Jamwal who has performed dare devil stunts in his movies makes a clear...
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Vidyut Jamwal's intensive training at Georgia

Vidyut Jamwal - True student of Martial arts               Vidyut Jamwal's dedication, passion and determination to the martial...
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Vidyut Jamwal to perform Kalaripayattu at Texas

            Recently, Vidyut Jamwal received invitation from the international film festival dedicated to  action, Sci-Fi and thriller...
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Vidyut Jamwal visits Indian Army

Still from Commando                 Vidyut Jamwal visited the army training center at Benaras, 39 GTC, during the promotion of the...
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